what to wear 
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1. Make Sure It Fits Well
An oversized jacket or baggy blouse simply looks unprofessional. Tailored clothing is recommended as it gives a polished look. Also be mindful of the context of your headshot and dress accordingly. If it's a professional headshot, stick with a more formal look. But if it's for a personal website or social media profile, a more casual look may be appropriate.
2. Add Layers. 
If you want to make your headshots interesting without using patterns and big jewelry, layer your clothing instead. Just do this in moderation if you want it to have the right effect.
3. Pay attention to the Details
Details like a well-knotted tie or a polished pair of shoes can make a big difference in the overall look of your headshot. Make sure your hair is well groomed and clothing is wrinkle-free.
4. Consider Your Niche
If you want your headshots to appeal to employers and clients in your sector, factor this into your outfit choice. If you're a creative, find ways to add a touch of fun to your headshot outfit without it being too distracting. ​
Here are some general guidelines for how to choose the right colors for your headshots and the effect that different colors and shades can have.
1. Start with a Neutral or Solid Color
Basing your outfit on a neutral or solid color will ensure you don't overwhelm the frame.  Think white, gray, black, or navy blue.  Colors should also complement your skin tone. 
2. Keep Color Combos Simple
Layering is great for adding interest to your headshots, but if you're going to do it, make sure your color combinations work well together.
3. Reduce Light Reflection Using Deeper Colors
If you're planning to have your headshot photo session outdoors, choose deeper colors instead of pale, light colors to avoid looking washed out.
4. Consider Branding
If your headshots will be used on your website and marketing material, consider your brand colors.  Find small ways to work these colors into your outfit so that your photos are complementary.
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