outfit tips
This is the most classic look for business headshots. You can't go wrong with a black blazer. Make sure you choose a well-fitting blazer that accentuates your body shape, as this will be the key item to this look. Styling the blazer with simple black trousers and a white blouse brings this outfit together. You can also remove the blazer, or bring one with another color for a different look. 
What to Wear
1. Avoid Too Much Distraction
Patterns, logos, and loud accessories will all take the focus off your face, which is why it's best to stick to solid color tops and blouses and toned-down accessories.  It's also best not to wear tops that are too low cut as it will have the same effect. 

2. Make Sure It Fits You Well
Even though your headshots only focus on the upper half of your body, it's still important to make sure your top or blouse fits well as this looks the most professional.
3. Long Sleeves are Better
Long sleeves add a sense of professionalism and formality, creating a polished and put together look. They can also conceal any unwanted elements on the arm, such as tattoos and blemishes.
4. Avoid Transparent Clothing
Since you will be taking photos in proper lighting, make sure that your top won't be translucent in bright light.
5. Choose the Right Undergarments
Whatever you decide to wear, make sure that your bra is not visible. Check for straps and bumps that the fabric might create under your top.
A skirt and blouse option is a perfect combination for the woman looking for a more feminine style. This outfit here is a great example of a monochromatic look, using different tones of neutral beige throughout the outfit. Wear your blouse tucked in to accentuate your waist line and add a belt for extra detailing. If you are looking to add a little personality to this outfit, a silk scarf is a great accessory to give this look a little flair
Work is a more casual environment? White is a great option for those looking for something a little more carefree. Pair a white silk blouse with jeans and nude shoes, which gives your look a little more of an unassuming feel. If you are looking to add a tailored aspect to this style, thrown on a white blazer.
Hairstyle Tips
1. Don't Make Big Changes At The Wrong Time
If you are planning to cut or color your hair for your headshots, don't do it too close to your session. You never know when something might go wrong, or if you aren't happy with your new look.
2. Opt For A Natural Style
Not only should you feel comfortable, but people should still be able to recognize you. Opt for a hairstyle that you would likely wear to work. 
3. Don't Go Crazy With The Curls
Curling your hair for your headshots is fine. but don't go overboard. After all, you want your photos to still look like you.
5. Hairspray Is Your Friend
We've all had to deal with fly-aways but they're not ideal for your headshot session as they can be difficult to edit out. Have a small can of hairspray on hand.
Makeup tips
1. Keep It Natural
Your headshot makeup should make you feel comfortable and confident, so if you don't generally wear red lipstick, then this is not the time to do it. Keep your makeup as natural as possible is the best way to prevent it from becoming a distraction.
2. Avoid Highlighter
Because highlighter can make your face appear shiny, it's best to avoid it on the day of your shoot.
3. Go Easy On The Powder
A high resolution camera can emphasize the details of your skin, including your pores. Too much powder can result in an unflattering result. Keep it light and natural.
skincare tips
1. Hydration Is Everything
Drink enough water in the week leading up to your session to keep your skin looking supple and healthy.
2. Book A Facial
For an added layer of hydration, treat yourself to a facial a few days before your session. However, this is not the time to try any new perks.
3. Schedule A Wax
Due to a high resolution camera, unwanted facial hair can stand out in a headshot so it is a good idea to schedule a wax a few days before your session. Do not wax the day before your shoot as your skin can still be red from healing.
4. Exfoliate And Moisturize
Gently exfoliating your skin a few days before your session will clear away any dead and dry skin flakes. Make a point of moisturizing twice a day - this is over and above your facial.
5. Get Some Sleep
Getting enough sleep makes a massive difference to your face. You will look more energized and there would be no need to cover up any puffy under-eye bags.
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