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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How would you describe your style?
Photo sessions should be fun and stress free. We like to get to know you prior or at the beginning of your session to get a feel for your personalities and adjust accordingly. Are you an excitable and an animated individual? We look forward to cracking some jokes together and call you out on your fake smiles. A bit more conservative and laid back? No problem, we will offer some direction and work off your feedback. We simply want you to be yourselves, and the more comfortable you're in front of the camera, the more genuine your images will turn out.
2. Will you offer posing directions?
Yes! For a more formal look, we are happy to offer directions on how to pose during your session. On top of that, we will show you a preview of your poses to offer guidance and get your feedback. For candid looks, we scale back the posing instructions and will often direct a scenario for a more casual look.
3. How do we get our photos?
Your photos will be delivered via email with a direct link to download your files. A password protected online gallery will also be provided so you may view your images on the web. Your gallery will be active for a minimum of one year.
4. Do you retouch photos?
Yes. All images will go through a standard retouching. Portrait and Headshot packages include additional advanced retouching. For more information, please visit our Retouching your Headshots.
5. What's your turn around time?
The turnaround time for most sessions is up to 2 weeks. During the busy season (May-August), this may extend up to 4 weeks. After our session, we will reiterate the expected timeline on when to receive your images. If there is an urgent request, please let us know we will do our best to accommodate.
Photobooth images are made available and uploaded to their galleries within 48 hours.
6. How do we book you?
Use the Contact Page and send us a message to make your inquiry. Alternatively, you can also directly email us at terence@hellotherephotography.ca
Be sure to offer your preferred dates as well as who referred you!
7. Will you help us plan for our session?
Yes, we will get in touch over the phone either prior or right after booking to plan your photoshoot. We will cover everything from your visual goals, location, outfits and the best time of day.
8. What if it rains on our outdoor session?
If the weather is unfavorable on the day of your outdoor session, you may reschedule your appointment without incurring any additional fees. If rescheduling is not an option, we are happy to offer alternative shaded locations. A Plan B is always something we will discuss during our initial phone call and I will check in with you a day or two prior to your session if the forecast is unfriendly.
9. What should we wear?
Some tips to consider when picking your outfits.
A) Base it on your location: If your photoshoot will be at a park, a casual outfit will be more appropriate than formal tuxes & ballgowns.
B) Pick outfits that match your style and personality, and should neither be oversized or too tight: We want you to be comfortable in your attire, especially kids.
C) Everyone's clothes should match in color tone & brightness to avoid one outfit that would be the center of attention.
D) Avoid complex patterns and logos as they tend to draw the eye away from what's important - you!
E) Having everyone dressed in a theme are a great idea, such as a white collared t-shirt with jeans.
F) Newborn or Maternity sessions incorporate a few closeup shots of the hands. As such, it is recommended to make sure nails are neat and tidy for your session.
10. How else can I prepare for my session?
Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin and lips right away. You should also get a good night's rest 2-3 days before. For the ladies, keep it easy on the makeup and feel free to retouch during the session. For the gentlemen, it's not a bad idea to get a haircut about a week before your session. 
Although you should not be starving during your session, it's a good idea to refrain from eating right before your session. We recommend this to avoid any grogginess and leftovers that could remain in the teeth.
Outside of headshots, props are also welcomed, especially if they have meaning to you and your family. If your session is at a park, we will often recommend bringing a picnic blanket for some poses on the ground.
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