Headshots are a way to connect with your potential clients that your textual accolades cannot.
A professional headshot is an investment in your personal brand. It showcases you at your best, allowing your prospective clients to see you. Your best clients deal with people, not companies, and it is you or the team members in your business that help establish the long-term relationships with your clients. 
Professional headshots are now everywhere especially with the help of social media. Be it Facebook or Linkedin, the first thing you see on those pages are one's headshot. They draw attention, and faces help people remember. In this day and age, it is more important than ever to have an impactful headshot that can help get yourself out there.
Having the right headshot is just as critical. The wrong or dated image can convey a lack of professionalism or authenticity. This initial bias, whether right or wrong, may have your clients judge you unfavorably and you will never get a second chance to make that first impression. The right headshot will give people an idea of your personality before they meet you, reminds contacts of who you are at that business conference, and should give you the confidence to share more of yourself with others.
Mini-Portrait - $125
Short on time? Our Mini-Portrait Session is a quick and easy 15 minute outdoor session that is suitable for anyone who is on the go seeking a profile picture for their Linkedin or business card.
No outfit changes recommended
Private online preview gallery with a minimum of 15 proofs for making your selection
Select 1 High Resolution Advanced Retouched Image
Additional Images available for purchase starting at $15​​​​​​​
Available only within metro Vancouver
Portrait Session - $350
Get a few more looks with a wardrobe change. Our full portrait session is conducted at an outdoor location of your choice with studio lighting for about an hour. This option is perfect for professionals seeking headshots with a few different looks in a few different environments.
1-2 Outfit Changes Recommended
Private online preview gallery with a minimum of 25  proofs for making your selection
Select up to 10 High Resolution Advanced Retouched Images
Additional Images available for purchase starting at $15
high profile Headshot Session - $500
No backgrounds and no distracting elements. This clean, solid color  backdrop focuses strictly on you. Our professional headshot session is conducted in an indoor location with a solid backdrop & a 4 light studio setup for about an hour. This session allows for multiple expressions and outfits to find those perfect headshots and  is suitable for both professionals and actors. Please allot an hour of set up time and around an hour for your session.
2-3 Outfit Changes Recommended
Private online preview gallery with a minimum of 50 proofs for making your selection
Select up to 10 High Resolution Advanced Retouched Images
Additional Images available for purchase starting at $15​​​​​​​
For group rates, please contact us for a custom quote
It is important to remember that portraits are a captured moment in time. Yet in real life, when we're talking to each other, faces are animated and always moving and gesturing. There is no time to pause and examine the details of a face like we are able to in a headshot. This is one of the reasons why some people hate having their photo taken, because it is  never a true representation of what they see in the mirror. When you freeze a face, every wrinkle and blemish is magnified since we have lost the natural movement that exists in the real world. Retouching is that final step to bringing a headshot in line with what we expect our image to look like. 
A modern headshot is all about looking natural without obvious retouching. With retouching, subtlety is key, and this requires an advanced Photoshop skillset to achieve. The end result is well worth it so it it cannot be distinguished how much retouching was actually done.
To view examples of our retouching, please visit Retouching your Headshots
Our Standard Retouching service includes:
Exposure and color correction

Our Advanced Retouching service includes:
Whitening teeth
Whitening eyes
Background cleanup
Removal of blemishes 
Smoothing of skin textures
Removal of stray hairs
Reducing wrinkles
Reducing eye bags
Reducing shine on face
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you shoot with Natural Light or Flash?
For business headshots, we typically incorporate the use of flash in all our sessions. This allows us to draw a viewer's attention to you as the subject in your portraits and allows us to snap a favorable shot in practically any environment.
2. What if it's raining on the day of our session? 
If the weather is unfavorable on the day of your outdoor session, you may reschedule your appointment without incurring any additional fees. If rescheduling is not an option, we are happy to offer alternative shaded locations. A Plan B is always something we will discuss during our initial phone call and I will check in with you a day or two prior to your session if the forecast is unpromising.
3. How should I prepare for my session?
Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin and lips right away. You should also get a good night's rest 2-3 days before. It is important to wear clothes that reflect your profession that are neither oversized or too tight. Make sure to keep your nails clean and tidy up any facial hair you may have. Keep it easy on the makeup and feel free to retouch during the session. Upon booking, we will also schedule a complimentary consultation with you to help answer any questions you may have. 
4. What background colors to you have?
We believe in neutral background colors to draw out our subjects in a studio environment. White, Grey, & Black are the options available. If requested, we can also arrange a transparent background for your final retouched image(s).
5. Where is your studio?
Our studio is exclusively mobile, and we can conveniently come to a location of your choice for your session.  For sessions with a backdrop, we will require about 6x10 feet of space to set up.
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