Outfit Tips for Men

May 9th, 2024


What to Wear


Opt For Solid Colors

Solid colors are better for headshots because they draw attention to your face rather than compete with  a busy background. They also tend to look more professional and polished. Solid colors also tend to be more versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, making them a safe choice for professional headshots.


Fitted Is Better

Whatever you wear, make sure it fits you well. Baggy, loose clothing just looks unprofessional. This is also why it's important to choose and try on any outfits a few days before your shoot. It gives you the chance to tailor your shirt and jacket or come up with a plan B.


Undershirts Are Not Recommended

You might wear an undershirt daily, but they do tend to show up in photos when  lighting is used. It's best to skip the undershirt for your headshots.


Avoid Text or Logos

Unless the logo or text represents your company or is part of your mandated uniform, avoid them at all costs as it can distract from the face, convey the wrong message, and make the resulting image appear less timeless and professional.




Choose Your Appointment Date Wisely

If you are going to cut your hair before your headshot session, do not do it the day before. Cutting your hair a few days before ensures the lines look a bit more natural. It also gives your hair a chance to recover should something go wrong.

Shave At The Right Time

If you generally shave the hair on your head every few days, shave it a day or two before your session for the best results.

Avoid Razor Burn

While your face should look neat the day of your session, you also want to avoid razor burn. Whether you're shaving your face clean or simply tidying up your facial hair, use the right shaving cream and moisturize your face afterward.

Tidy Up Ear And Nose Hair

Do not forget to trim any nose and ear hair before your session.


Clean Nails

Occasionally, your hands may be incorporated in your portrait, so it is a good idea to keep your nails clean and cut. A high resolution camera will pick up under nail dirt and other distracting elements in the final image.




Stay Hydrated

Water is your skin's best friend so drink up daily the week before your headshot appointment.


Shield Your Skin Against the Sun

Stay out of the sun as much as possible the week before your session. And if you do need to step outside, apply sunscreen. If you live in Vancouver, this tip can be disregarded between the months of October to March.


Get Some Shut-Eye

Under-eye bags will show up in your photos, so make it a point to get enough sleep, particularly the night before your session.